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Artículos sobre investigación
científica con dispositivos
GDV Bio-Well

« Review of Subtle Energy Measures »

Schwartz (Bio-Energy, 2001)

« Bio-Well is a software and hardware complex for determining the psychophysiological state of a person by the method of gas-discharge visualization, operating on the basis of cloud Internet technologies »

Korotkov & Grachev (Bio-Energy Scientific-Foundation, 2015)

« An integrated approach to the study of the noosphere – environmental parameters and human emotions »

Korotkov (Environment Psychology, 2011)

« Analysis of Stimulated Electrophotonic Glow of Liquids »

Korotkov & Orlov (Water-oils, 2009)

« Analysis of the Bioelectrograms of Bronchial Asthma Patients »

Korotkov, Alexandrova, Fedoseev, Magidov, Petrovsky & Philippova (Human_body, 2004)

« Analysis of the results of a comprehensive survey of participants in the Sports Contest : Sporting potential of Russia »

Korotkov, Bundzen, Korotkova, Muhin & Priyatkin (Sport, 2004)

« Analyzing Coronas of Fruits and Leaves »

Kononenko, Sadikov & Weibel (Plants, 2004)

« Application of Electrophoton Capture (EPC) Analysis Based on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique in Medicine: A Systematic Review »

Korotkov, Orlov, Matravers & Williams (Human_body, 2008)

« Application of Gas Discharge Visualization Technique for Assessing Effects of Mobile Phone‑induced Electromagnetic Field on Subtle Energy Levels of Teenagers and Protective Value of Yoga Intervention »

Bhargav, Hankey & Suresh (Environment, 2017)

« Aura y Ciencia. Una tecnología para la Consciencia »

Quintana (Bio-Energy, 2000)

« Are There Electrical Devices that can Measure the body's Energy State Change to an Acupuncture Treatment? Part II, The Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Device »

Roberts & Shealy Tiller (Human_body Music, 2004)

« Bio-electrographic Method for Preventive Health Care »

Cohly Isokpehi, Kostyuk & Rajnarayanan (Human_body, 2009)

« Bioelectrographic Correlates of the Direct Vision Phenomenon »

Korotkov, Bronnikov, Bundzen & Lognikova (Bio-Energy, 2005)

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